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In December 1998, the Freyssinet Group acquired TAI. This purchase is part of Freyssinet's development strategy in the field of the specialised engineering work and structures, such as retaining walls and foundations, which are TAI's core activities.
The Freyssinet and TAI networks complement each other perfectly, as do their respective products, services, processes and expertise.

This new Group has companies in more than 40 countries on every continent. These organizations have considerable autonomy in their management and decision making and are able to adapt to local conditions as well as gaining the required insight into the techical and geotechnical conditions that are specific to each country.

The reserch work carried out by TAI not only made it possible to prove the many advantages of its Reinforced Earth technology but also enabled TAI to accumulate a wealth of data concerning the behaviour of this unique material since its invention by Henri Vidal. Reinforced Earth structures can, therefore, be considered one of the greatest innovations in the geotechnical engineering field, from which has evolved the Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) industry.

MSE system are now recognised and recommended in most major civil engineering works. Codes and standards have been developed for MSE structures in the leading industrial countries, in which TAI has been a major contributor.

TAI has developed a number of application MSE Reinforced Earth structures materials, generally based on the use of "High Adherence" steel strip earth reinforcement, including :

TerraClass, the classical precast concrete panel facing system
TerraMet, the simple metallic facing system
TerraTrel, the wire mesh facing system
TerraVert, the 'green' concrete facing system
TerraMid, the modular block faced system

Freyssinet have developed the Freyssisol MSE system (formerly Websol), which combines precast concrete panels with 'GeoStrap®', high tenacity, polyester based strip reinforcement. It has particular application in aggressive earth conditions. This system has been applied to a wide range of applications over a period of 20 years.

TAI has also developed related technologies, include a prefabricated arch system, TechSpan, which is a three pinned concrete arch, optimized in shape for each project to minimize cost and designed using Finite Element Methods to maximize the soil-structure interaction behavior of the system.


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